Does Insurance Cover A New Roof?

Does Insurance Cover A New Roof

Traditionally, insurance companies consider a roof to be one of the most crucial components of your home. Their intent is to protect a home and all of its occupants from destructive natural elements, while simultaneously protecting the insurance company itself from pricey claims that are a result of flooding and other notable damage. They’re keenly aware of the potential for even more costly damage if a roof is not repaired or replaced in a timely fashion, so they typically try to get it taken care of before that can happen. 

These days, however, insurers have become more restrictive with their roofing coverage, and will often simply refuse to cover an aging roof. This may lead you to wonder if your roof is even covered should you find that you require a new one.  

What Damage Will Insurance Cover?

Oftentimes, dwelling coverage included in your homeowners insurance protects the entire structure of your home from damage such as fire, hail or wind. So if your home catches on fire due to a lightning strike or suffers holes due to hail, you will, most likely, be partially covered at the very least. 

What About a Deductible?

Most likely, you will have one. While every policy is different, there is typically a deductible that must be paid before the insurance company will pay out for repairs or replacement of the roof. Also, there is usually a coverage limit, so it’s important that you understand your insurance policy completely. This will ensure that you have a complete understanding of what you can expect. There is also a possibility that your insurance policy contains exclusions for certain scenarios such as fire or wind, so be certain you’re aware of what your policy contains prior to making any commitments.

Will They Cover Leaks?

Given there are not any exclusions in your policy, homeowners insurance should at least partially cover leaks that stem from traditional incidences such as fire, wind or hail. 

What Will Not Be Covered?

With every policy being unique, it’s not definitive, but homeowners insurance usually does not cover average wear and tear or damage resulting from neglect. They typically only cover sudden or accidental roof damage, so it’s necessary for you to find out the cause of your roof issues before reaching out to your insurance company. At Trump-It Roofing, we provide thorough roofing inspections to determine any problems and their causes, so call us today if you have questions about the state of your roof! 

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