Help! Was My Roof Damaged In A Storm?

Help! Was My Roof Damaged In A Storm?

There’s been a major storm in your area! Your yard is a mess, but it seems as though your house has made it okay. However, is the roof damaged or not? Will there be leaks in the future? Do some shingles require replacement? Should a professional come in and check for damage? 

While it may be frustrating to try to figure this out, there are some very simple things you can keep an eye out for so you can decide what the next step is.

Look For Obvious Damage First

There are cases where roof damage can be easily spotted, and you’ll know immediately that there is an issue. This includes: 

  • Water marks appearing on the ceiling in the days following the storm
  • Shingles that have been damaged, destroyed or are now missing
  • Walls that have peeling paint or are wet
  • Roof flashing that has broken or appears damaged 
  • Water that is pooling on the roof
  • Trees and branches laying on top of the roof 

These are immediately noticeable, and you need a professional to inspect the roof ASAP. However, you may have less apparent damage that you haven’t noticed yet. 

Other Signs of Roof Damage

You’re probably not a roof expert, but there are other signs that you can safely lookout for. Note that we said “safely”. This is because it’s very dangerous to attempt climb up onto your roof if and walk around amongst spots that could be loose or rotting away. With that said, there are some other signs you can look for from the ground: 

  • Shingle granules that have built up or visible damage to the asphalt 
  • Flashing that looks to be loose or is now missing along roofs, chimneys and vents
  • Detached and loose sealant along roofs, chimneys, or vents
  • Attic areas that have visible water damage 

Get An Inspector

Most roof damage cannot be seen from the ground or by an untrained eye. Trump-It Roofing’s certified inspectors will come on out and look at your roof, letting you know if there are any issues and explaining the best way to fix them. 

Regardless of the weather your home has experienced, it’s necessary to have roof inspections done regularly. This will save you money on future repairs, and will extend the overall life of your roof. Give Trump-It a call today so we can make your roof great again! 

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