Should I Get a New Roof Before I Sell My Home?

Should I Get a New Roof Before I Sell My Home

When you make the choice to list your home for sale, you have to make every decision based on how it will benefit the sale. The choices will all impact how quickly the home sells and what the profitability is. You may think that all updates and repairs are created equally, or that only obvious ones matter, but you’d be wrong. It’s usually structural pieces that matter most and have the biggest impact. 

Signs Your Roof Should Be Replaced

Having a faulty roof will quickly diminish property value and the likelihood of selling your home quickly. If you’re wondering if your roof qualifies as “faulty”, take a look at these factors and see if they apply to you: 

The lifespan of the roof is running out— A roof’s lifetime differs based on various factors, including the type of materials used in construction and the quality of the work done. Keeping this in mind, we’re not able to give you a number of years left right off the top of our heads. However, a Trump-It Roofing  certified inspector will come take a look at the situation and can give you a firm idea of where you’re at. If the roof has reached the point of aging out, then it certainly should be replaced. Additionally, your roof will not pass inspection in this case. 

Repairs have had to be done already— When a roof has been properly installed with quality materials, it should not require multiple repairs unless a catastrophic event occurs. However, when the roof was not installed correctly or the contractor used low-quality materials, there will be issues such as caving and leaking. One of Trump-It Roofing’s experts will take a look and help you decide what needs to be done. 

Utility bills that are unusually high— Roofs that need to be replaced can result in higher than average bills  due to air escaping the home. Compare your bills to others in the area to see how it’s looking. Buyers will be put off by inefficiency and you may not be able to sell the home at all without a replacement. 

Worthy Investment

New roofs are awfully costly, but are an investment that’s worth it. The ROI is around 60%, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your home!

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