The Impact of Moisture on a Home’s Roof

The Impact of Moisture on a Home’s Roof

Water damage can lead to the downfall of your roof, but it’s not just rainwater seepage that causes this. Moisture can creep in from a number of places if your roof is not well-maintained. With this moisture comes the potential for significant damage to the roof and, potentially, the entirety of the home. Let’s discuss some of the ways moisture can sneak into your roofing system!


When moisture residing inside the home rises and escapes through the ceiling, it condenses as it reaches the roof, going from a gas to a liquid. This accumulated condensation generates a damp environment that will affect the shingles from below, causing them to weaken and become susceptible to leaks. 

However, it’s important to note that roof condensation can only occur when the roof is cooler than the air flowing within the attic. This can easily be addressed with good ventilation that ensures both the attic and roof are consistently hovering around the same temperature. 

Shingle Damage

Cracks and blistering on shingles will render your roof more susceptible to moisture damage because water will be more likely to accumulate there. Blistering can allow for water to seep through when it rains, causing significant damage to the roof and the areas below it. If you’ve noticed any cracking or blistering, it’s important to have Trump-It Roofing come out and take a look so we can address these concerns quickly and keep your home safe from damage. 


Perhaps the most serious moisture damage that can occur is mold. A damp roof and attic are the ideal breeding grounds for mold and, while they may not really impact that space, it can cause devastating health problems. This is especially true if you have family or friends with breathing problems, such as allergies and asthma. Proper ventilation and roof health can help prevent the risk of mold growth, and our team of professionals can guide you on how to do that. 


Contact Trump-It Roofing today for a free roof inspection so you can prevent moisture damage in your home!

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