How to Spot a Leaky Roof

How to Spot a Leaky Roof

It’s hard to identify the source of a leak due to the slope of roofs and the way water travels on it. However, if you follow these steps, you should be able to find where it’s coming from! 

Step 1: Check on the Inside 

Obviously, water dripping is the first sign your roof is leaking, but did you know there are other signs to be on the lookout for? 

  • Water spots and water stains on your ceilings and walls 
  • Bulging paint/sheetrock on ceilings and walls 
  • A musty smell permeating your rooms without any obvious cause 


Step #2: Go to the Attic

Inspecting your attic thoroughly will more quickly help you identify the exact location of a leak. Use a flashlight to search (carefully) for signs of water and the damage it leaves behind. This includes standing water, mold or mildew, dark marks and other obvious signs of damage on wooden rafters and insulation. If you spot a moldy area, you’ve probably located the source area.  


If you suspect you have a leak in your roof but don’t have an attic, or if you’re not the homeowner, a licensed professional should come take a look at the roof to identify any issues.

Step #3: Check the Attic Insulation

The deterioration of insulation is easier to see than wood deterioration, so it’s important that you take a good look at insulation in the attic. If you see mold, mildew, or standing water, the leak should be nearby. Keep in mind that the roof has a slope, so the water may be being diverted from another area. 

Step #4: Fake It

If you cannot identify the origin, grab a friend to help. One of you should stay in the attic to watch for water, while the other goes outside to recreate rain on the food. Be sure to do smaller areas at a time and saturate it well for the most accurate result.

Need a Roof Inspection? 

If you’ve done all of these things and still aren’t certain if/where a leak is occurring, give Trump-It Roofing a call for an inspection! 

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