Brown Ceiling Stains: Is it Always a Leaky Roof?

Brown Ceiling Stains Is it Always a Leaky Roof

Let’s face it, Houston: as a home or business owner, there’s always the looming possibility of encountering the dreaded ceiling stain. It’s never a good omen and we don’t always catch them early. The unfortunate bit of the population who have experienced them know the feeling well: all that means is time and money that we forever part ways with.

One of the biggest burning questions though is where did it come from? The usual school of thought is that it can only be caused by a leaky roof, which is hard to argue; a vast amount of cases are just that. But as easy as it can be to just settle on that conclusion, sometimes it takes the keen eye of a professional to find the real problem at hand. Today, Trump-It Roofing is going to discuss those nasty brown ceiling stains and what could possibly be behind them. 

So what else can cause ceiling stains?

It should come as no surprise that with owning a home or business comes financial risk, and with so many other expenses the last thing you want to worry about is repairs. Even worse than that, however, is the treacherous costs that come along with replacing ceilings, roofs, pipes, and walls. That’s truly the scariest aspect of noticing a ceiling stain: there could be so much at stake, depending on the source. So what is it that could cause these unsightly marks?

  • Growing populations of pest
  • Mold and mildew infestations
  • Chemical spills that were left unattended
  • Old, worn down walls, ceilings, roofs, or chimneys
  • Exhausted shower pans
  • Plumbing line that were either poorly installed or becoming faulty
  • HVAC systems that are malfunctioning

It goes without saying that identifying the source of the stain should take top priority. Is it the common leaky roof? Is it a puncture in the pipes? Is it the terrifying infestation? Most important: do I need a professional?

What can I do to avoid this whole mess?

Obviously, nothing on that list should be appealing to deal with. Sometimes, we can get lucky and it’s a small fix. Sometimes, it’s something far more expensive and time consuming. So the best course of action? Preventative measures. It’s an unfortunately uncommon bit of knowledge that regularly scheduled roof inspections are extremely important for property owners. Did you know that as a homeowner you should have your roof inspected once every three to five years, depending on the materials of your roof? As a business owner, it should occur even more frequently with some sources claiming an inspection every six months is ideal. 

That’s where Trump-It Roofing comes in.

Yes, there are times where the problem is something that property owners can diagnose. Is it really worth the possible heartache though? There’s a reason the professionals exist, and we’re here for you when you need it. What’s everyone’s experiences with brown ceiling stains?

Curious about a new or aging ceiling stain? Contact Trump-It with any questions or concerns.

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